Menu Plan Monday - Survival Mode

Well, I'm beginning to think I'm not going to have a "normal" week ever again. Ah, what's normal anyway? Sounds boring. Spring break ended up being a bummer for me. I was sick the whole time, and I am still trying to recouperate. I sure wish I could have a spring break do-over. I was really hoping to accomplish a lot of things during the week. Oh well. This week is another busy one for our fam. The hubby will be traveling, I have lots of computer workshops after school, and the boy has his usual busy schedule, including turning 13 on Friday! Boy, do I feel old! :) Anyway, here is our survival mode menu for the week. I know it might not help you out much this week. Be sure to go to to see other menus. I did a couple of great dessert recipes (Raspberry Dream Cheesecake and Best Ever Blondies) so be sure to check them out.

Sunday - Easter dinner at my mom's house (Thanks, Mom! It was great!)
Monday - Eat at computer training
Tuesday - Chili, PB sandwhiches
Wednesday - Spaghetti Chili
Thursday - Eat at computer training
Friday - Out for dinner to celebrate the boy's 13th birthday
Saturday - Voodoo pasta that we never got to last week due to my illness


Wifey said...

Great menu! That voodoo pasta looks interesting. Have a wonderful week!

Michelle said...

I must have a look at the Voodoo Pasta...sounds good. What a shame that you were sick ,I hope that you feel better soon...

Nicole said...

Your menu sounds really good. I wish we could have chili in our house, but my husband will gag. lol