Apron Swap Sadness and a Crashed Computer

I'm having one of those "whiner baby" moments, so instead of whining in person, I just thought I would vent on my blog instead. I'm allowed to do that! It's my blog. ;)

This fall I participated in two apron swaps, which I love doing. My sadness is that I did not receive an apron in return from either swap. I really wish that if people are going to sign up for a swap that they truly intend to participate. I know, suck it up and deal with it. But, it still makes me sad. I do realize that something terrible could have happened in the lives of my partners to prevent them from participating, so I probably shouldn't be complaining publicly, but I'm just having a sad weekend and don't want to complain to my family. :) (So partners, if you do happen to read this for some reason, I apologize if you had something terrible happen.) I do wish that they would have contacted the swap host to let them know that they can't participate so that I don't keep eagerly awaiting a package every day. I'm worse than a kid at Christmas time. I really need to get a life. ;)

On top of my apron sadness, my computer crashed again. This is the second time this year, and you would think I would have learned my lesson about backing up information after losing four years of work the last time it crashed. But alas, I apparently did not learn my lesson. I do keep almost everything on an external hard drive that I back up to our main home PC. Everything except MY RECIPES! ARGGGG!!!!!!!!! How stupid can I get?!? Out of all the things on my computer, my recipes are probably one of the most important things to me. They make me happy. They are organized in folders. I love them dearly. :-( Now, they are gone. And, my techie friend Mark, the only person I know who might be able to tell me how I might save them before I have to reformat my computer, is nowhere to be found. I'm really sad, can you tell?

Ok, enough of my griping. I must get on with life. When I finally get my menu plan posted for this week, you won't see anything new, because I will have to function from the recipes already posted on the blog. At least there is lots of good stuff there.


Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for some time, but have never commented ...

SO sad about the recipes! But what a great thing that you DO have this blog to refer back to.

(Now get in gear and figure out your new process to keep those recipe folders attached to your external drive!)

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your recipes. I have been meaning to back up my recipe files(which contain many you have posted)and now I will be sure to do so this week.

I made your Best Ever Blondies today for my husband. You are right! They are the best; we really enjoyed.

Thanks for all your wonderful posts. You have given me some great recipes to try.

debhmom3 said...

Oh, I am so sorry we were out of town. Just the computer was bad enough, but your RECIPES?? I hope it gets fixed. And no aprons. :( Perhaps you and I should just swap sometime. :)

Missy said...

I am so sorry for you.
I have been reading your what's for dinner for a while now, and have made many of your yummy recipes.
The Chocolate Chip Pound Cake has been a favorite!
Thanks for sharing with us.
And I hope you get your computer fixed and recover all your valuable stuff.