Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

I thought that Thanksgiving deserved a post of its own. I'll still be listing it in my weekly menu, but I thought I would highlight the dishes I will be making this year. My parents, my brother and his wife and their 5 kids will be joining my family at my house for Thanksgiving this year! Too bad my New York brother can't make it. :( But, you take what you can get. Here's what I am planning on for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey (not going to stuff it)

Sausage and Stuffing Criss-Cross Pastry

Wild Mushroom and Bacon Stuffing (new - pic coming soon)

Day Before Mashed Potatoes (with gravy)

Basil Green Beans

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (new - pic coming soon)

Cream Cheese Corn

Hot Rolls

Pumpkin Dessert


Donna said...

Your pics look great! Yummy!