Savory Sausage Stuffing

This is my mom's recipe for stuffing that she always uses to stuff the turkey on Thanksgiving. I modify it slightly by using turkey sausage (lower calorie), and I don't chop up the giblets and put them in the stuffing (just grosses me out). My family loves this stuffing and looks forward to eating it every year. I'll try to snap a photo in a couple of days. :)

Heart, neck, gizzard, and liver of turkey (you'll find these in the giblet packet in your turkey)
1 pound turkey sausage
1 onion, diced
1 cup celery, diced
2 loaves of bread, toasted and diced (I use Sara Lee 45 Calories & Delightful 100% Whole Wheat with Honey - lower calorie and higher fiber than using white bread)
2 eggs
½ teaspoon poultry seasoning

Boil heart, neck, gizzard and liver in water until done (approx. 1 ½ hours). Take neck meat off the bone, and chop up the rest of the giblets very tiny or puree in the blender if you don't want "chunks" (NOTE: I leave this out - too gross for me.). Save the cooking liquid.

Fry the following together until soft: sausage, chopped meat from above (which I omit), onion, celery.

In a very large bowl, mix with your hands: bread, eggs, fried ingredients, poultry seasoning, and 1 cup leftover cooking liquid.

Stuff body and neck of turkey with dressing mixture and cook turkey according to package directions.