What's for Dinner Menu Plan

This week is another busy one with computer trainings every night. The next week will be a little lighter. I'm relying on my freezer stash to feed my family this week. I can't stress how important it is to make some extra meals when you have time and put them away in the freezer for times that you are too busy to cook. It keeps you from eating out and still lets your family have nice meals together. :)

Here's this week's menu. Enjoy and have a great week! Be sure to follow me on Facebook to get fast updates from the blog. :)

Sunday - Eat out (this was our treat for surviving our long run day - we are in training for the Disney half and full marathon)

Monday - Italian Sloppy Joes (from freezer), Salad, Green Beans, Applesauce

Tuesday - Grilled Chicken Taco Salads (grilled chicken from freezer), Grapes

Wednesday - Spaghetti Chili (chili from freezer), Salad, Peaches

Thursday - Salsa Chicken (from freezer), Rice, Salad, Broccoli

Friday - leftovers

Saturday -  Brisket with Burgundy Sauce, Baked Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad

For more menu ideas, visit orgjunkie.com


Unknown said...

I'm always interested in some new recipes to add to my Recipe File Box. That's why I love MPM!
Looks like there's going to be lots of yummy meals eaten this week.