About Me

I started this blog in December of 2007 as a way to share my menu plans with some of my teacher friends who had shared that they had difficulties meal planning. Meal planning had always been something that was essential for me to make sure that my family ate well, so I thought that by sharing my meal plans, I might be able to help others in this endeavor. So, What's for Dinner? was born. Here was my original blog description:

This blog is dedicated to helping those who struggle to answer the question, “What’s for dinner?” As a busy wife, mom, and elementary librarian, deciding what to make for dinner is one of my daily challenges. Menu planning has been my saving grace, so I hope that by sharing my recipes and menus, I can help others on their journey to meal-planning bliss!

I am now an empty nester, and the purpose of my blog has changed. I still plan meal plans for my husband and me, but I'm not sure that my meal plans benefit as many people, so I stopped posting them for the most part. I still use the blog to post recipes that I cook, as I use it as my personal cookbook. Now that my son is grown and married, he uses the blog for his own meal planning, which brings me great happiness. 

I've changed my What's for Dinner blog (formerly found at myfamilymealplan.com) to Cindy's Recipes (cindysrecipes.com). I use it to continue to share the food I love with others. There are years of meal plans that you can use, and tons of great family-friendly recipes. I hope you find some great things to cook for your family!