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My Quest for the School Lunch Peanut Butter Bar Recipe

One of my blog readers this week reminded me of my quest for the school lunch peanut butter bars of my childhood. My first attempt at recreating this recipe was ok, but it was way too sweet and didn't have the right chewy texture. I tried another recipe Tuesday night, which was fabulous. It was not too sweet, and they were definitely chewy. But alas, they were still not quite the right thing (though I will be making them again). There is some texture thing that is missing from these recipes. Tonight I'm trying a recipe called Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars. This recipe has oatmeal in it, so I'm hoping this might be the missing texture element. I'll let you know once they cool down. :)


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Bonnie B said…
I used to have a recipe for the peanut butter bars we had in school way back in the '70's. I believe the missing ingredient you're looking for is coconut. That's what gave it the sweet, chewy texture. I just wish I could find the recipe again!!
Cynthia Matzat said…
Bonnie, I think you're right!!!! If you ever find your recipe, send it my way. :)