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Menu Plan Monday

I was very thankful that I made all of my meals ahead of time last week. Our schedule was so busy that if I hadn't, we would have been eating out - yuck! The only meal I didn't get to was Saturday's sausage and cheese turnovers. We ended up needing to finish off the leftovers from other meals. I'll have to try them again on a week when we aren't so busy. The hits of the week were the Pepper Jack Mac Cups (next time I'll just make it as a casserole - the "cups" were kind of a pain, even if they were cute) and the BBQ Beef and Bean Cornbread Casserole.

Fall is simply busy at our house with cross country and band. So, I went ahead and did all of my cooking for the week ahead of time again. I feel so much relief when I spend a couple of hours on Sunday getting everything prepared for the week. Now I know that my family will eat pretty well. We only have a couple of days where we just won't be around to eat dinner at home. I have a couple of great new recipes this week as well as some well-loved standards. The boys are pretty happy with the menu. :) For more menu ideas, see Enjoy!

Sunday - Roast Beef and Gravy on Baked Potatoes, Salad
Monday - Sausage Potato Soup, Salad
Tuesday - Eat out (cross country meet and band performance on the same night!)
Wednesday - Turkey Club Pie, Basil Green Beans, Peaches
Thursday - Spaghetti with Meatballs, Salad
Friday - Meatball Pops, Broccoli, Salad
Saturday - Eat Out (math contest and band contest)


debhmom3 said…
I hear you on the busy schedule! If we didn't have a meal plan we would be having McDonalds almost every weeknight. Yuck! Our bodies thank us for planning ahead. :) I'm going to make that sausage soup this week, it looks great!
Shaina said…
Meatball pops sound like so much fun!
Kristen said…
Those meatball pops sound like they'd be perfect in my kidlet's bento lunches. I'm going to have to give that a try this week.
Busy lady! I'm trying to get back to having the time to make dinner now that I'm unemployed.
It's an adjustment.
YUM! I am soooo gonna try that Turkey Club Pie next week! :) ... I may cheat and sub it for something this week. LOL! Looks delicious! :)
darnold23 said…
Your sausage potato soup would be perfect for Crock Pot Wednesday. I hope you will consider posting it. Your menu sounds really nice. Thanks for sharing.
Deana said…
Those meatball pops sound fun. I may try those sometime.
Zonnah said…
Making meals ahead of time sure does help.
Ms Bibi said…
I used plan my meals and it worked awesome. Somehow I got away from it and I have a feeling it's time to do it again and save some money and time.
Zom! said…
The sausage potato soup looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing.
Great menu plan and love all the recipe links!