Menu Plan Monday - Turkey Week!

This weekend I decided to cook a 23 pound turkey that I've had in the freezer for a while. I knew that I had evening activities every night this week and would have to rely on precooked items, so I figured turkey would fit the bill. We had a traditional turkey dinner today, which was wonderful! I also made turkey soup and turkey club pie. In addition to that, I have about 4 bags of cooked turkey ready to go in the freezer for future dinners. It's amazing how you can make one turkey stretch so far!

My poor son caught the flu and missed school all week. He also missed his last band competition, which was very sad. Luckily, his fever is finally down today, so life should return to normal. He even helped me with our annual apple pie baking marathon. Our neighbors were very pleased to see us at their doors today. :)

I also managed to do a little fall decorating around the house.

Here's this week's turkey-themed menu. For more menu ideas, go to Have a great week, and enjoy!

Monday - Turkey Club Pie, Salad, Peaches
Tuesday - Comforting Turkey Soup, Salad, Garlic Muffins
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - Eat out (last band performance at football game)
Friday - Pepperoni Sticks, Salad
Saturday - Eat at Halloween party


Liz said...

Cynthia- all those pies. You have inspired me to start baking.Or,think about baking! Great menu this week.Glad your son is feeling better ! Liz (formerly mommychef)

Unknown said...

Oh bummer! I wish I were you're neighbor! Those pies look delicious.
Glad to hear that your son is feeling much better.
Looks like you have a yummy week planned.
Have a great Halloween or Harvest Festival!

Shawnee said...

What a wonderful treat for your neighbors. I'm so glad your son feels better.

Anonymous said...

we cook turkys throughout the year. I buy 8-10 turkeys, never paying more that $6 per bird. And I get a whopping 15-20 meals out of EACH bird. Kudos to you for making a bird before the holidays.