What's for Dinner Menu Plan - Extreme Schedule Edition

This is going to be a short and sweet post. I am back at school this week, and because of Corey's band and cross country practices, we are at school for 14 hours a day. Yuck! Therefore, we needed to bring both lunch and dinner with us this week. Sorry for the boring menu, but we are in total survival mode this week. For more menu ideas, go to orgjunkie.com. Here's this week's menu.

Sunday - Steak and Pork Kabobs, Green Beans, Salad
Monday - Turkey and Gravy, Criss Cross Stuffing Pastry, Day Before Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans (all cooked ahead of time over the weekend) - eat at library
Tuesday - Same as Monday - eat at library
Wednesday - Pizza (Academic team kids are coming over - no evening band practice)
Thursday - Lasagna (cooked ahead of time), Salad - eat at library
Friday - Same as Thursday - eat at library
Saturday - Eat out (no energy to cook after this week)