What's for Dinner Menu Plan

It's been a hectic last couple of weeks. I had to do a super short post last week because my son's girlfriend came to visit and we were in the car most of the weekend. She lives four hours away, so we had to drive to meet her parents to pick her up on Saturday, which happened to be my birthday. We took the kids out to eat at at Hinode, a Japanese steak house, for dinner. It was really fun because Hannah had never been to one before. Then, we went to the Blue Man Group show. I think everyone had a good time.

Unfortunately, Corey happened to get sick this past week. We thought he just had a cold, but by Monday evening, he started running a fever and was just a mess. He ended up missing this whole week of school. This weekend I've been with my mom. It was her second to last treatment. Only one more to go! But, these last ones have been pretty rough. I can't wait until she is finished so that she can finally feel human again. Corey is still running a fever, so it's been a pretty rough weekend. Sick mom and sick son makes for a sad me. :(

With another busy week ahead of me (I have my family reading night, some extra after-school obligations, and Corey has Academic Team and a math contest), I'm hoping my meal plan will save me from stressing over what to feed my family each night. I plan to do some pre-cooking as always once I get home this afternoon. My hubby already did my grocery shopping for me, so I think I'm ready to go. One thing I always suggest to people when they ask me, "How do you have time to make dinner each night?", is do some pre-cooking on the weekend to make your week much easier. If you can just take an hour or so on Sunday to pre-make a couple of recipes for the week that you can just reheat when you get home, it makes things  pretty easy. I always make a soup to eat for my lunches each week as well. For example, this week I will make the recipes for Monday and Tuesday today so that all I have to do is reheat them on the days they are needed. I will also go ahead and cook the ground beef for my taco pizza.

Here's this week's menu. Enjoy and have a great week! Be sure to follow me on Facebook to get fast updates from the blog. :)

Sunday - Saucy Bacon Apple Chicken (new), Broccoli, Salad, Strawberries

Monday - Crockpot Salsa Chicken (served in tortillas), Green Beans, Salad, Peaches

Tuesday - Ott's House Casserole, Broccoli, Salad, Applesauce

Wednesday - Taco Pizza (new), Fruit Salad

Thursday - Eat at Family Reading Night

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Slow Cooker Roast and Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Salad

For more menu ideas, visit orgjunkie.com.


Paige said...

I'll be trying your salsa chicken and ott house casserole. Looks good!

Shannon said...

I tried your Otto's casserole and my whole family loved it! Thanks for sharing :)