Microwaved Baked Potatoes

Yes, I know this is a strange thing to post as a recipe. But, I usually don't cook baked potatoes in the microwave - I bake them in the oven (at 425 degrees for about an hour). This is more of a reminder for me when I do want to make one quickly.

Wash and dry medium sized potatoes. Pierce with a fork in several places.  Arrange on a paper towel at least one inch apart. Microwave on high as directed below. Turn potatoes once halfway through cooking time. Cook until potatoes just begin to feel soft when pressed. Wrap in foil. Let stand 5 minutes

1 medium potato - 3 to 5 minutes
2 medium potatoes - 6 to 8 minutes
3 medium potatoes - 9 to 11 minutes
4 medium potatoes - 12 to 14 minutes