Menu Plan Monday

This past week it was pretty easy to stick to the menu since I didn't have anything new planned, and two nights were grilling nights. It was also my week to bring snacks for our Friday teacher meetings, so you will see recipes posted for Harvey Wallbanger Cake and Rum Cake. No, I'm not a lush! They are just very moist, tasty cakes. :)
Corey decided he wanted to grow a garden this year, so we spent all day today getting the garden put in. This might be quite an adventure for our family. We are notorious for killing plants. We also decided to put in an orchard (peaches, apples, blackberries and raspberries). Wish us luck!
This week is an exceptionally busy one for us. I have my usual computer training, Corey has a jazz concert, scouts, and confirmation class, and Eric is traveling to all of the stores so he will have a goofy schedule. Needless to say, we are going to have to eat out some, and the nights we are home will be easy recipes. This weekend we hope to go camping!
Because of the craziness this week, I have no breakfast plans. As a matter fact, we are actually going to be eating cold cereal. I know, scary thought coming from the Matzats. But, I'm desperate. I bought two boxes of junk cereal (Captain Crunch and Cocoa Krispies), and that's what we are eating. I know I'm a slacker mom, but that's just the way it's going to be this week. I'm going to enjoy my week of sugar cereal. :)
Sunday - Leftover Hamburgers
Monday - Eat at training
Tuesday - Eat out (jazz band concert - no time to come home)
Thursday - Chicken Alfredo (take the recipe for Smarter Fettuccine Alfredo, add grilled chicken and broccoli)
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Camping


debhmom3 said...

Hey, we all have our sugar cereal weeks. :)