Menu Plan Monday

Last week's meals were wonderful. I enjoyed getting to eat so many fish dishes. :) The Padre Island Shells were wonderfuly flavorful, and my own recipe for Mexican Gumbo was outstanding. This week is a full one for us, like usual. I am teaching computer workshops almost every week this summer all day long (just finished my first week with my awesome new eMINTS4All group last week), so that makes my summer meal planning a bit more challenging than usual. Corey still has tennis and scouts this week, plus he's helping me with my computer workshops since I have very large numbers signed up for this week's classes. We are going to a Skillet concert on Friday, which is also my 16th wedding anniversary (Love you, Honey!). Here's what's on tap for this week. For more meal plans, go to

Sunday - Ultimate BBQ Chicken, Green beans, Strawberries
Monday - Macaroni and Tuna, Brussels Sprouts, Applesauce
Tuesday - Chicken Fajitas, Corn, Strawberries
Wednesday - Bubble Up Enchiladas, Salad, Peaches
Thursday - Pasta Carbonara, Broccoli, Mandarin Oranges
Friday - Out to eat (anniversary and concert - woo hoo!)
Saturday - Manicotti with Cheese, Salad, Strawberries


Laura said...

Oh gosh your menu sounds good! Happy Anniversary!

Nicole said...

Your menu sounds fantastic! I need to try that ultimate bbq!! :)

Mandi said...

Yummy menu! The bbq chicken looks great. Have a great time at the Skillet concert, and happy anniversary!

Lisa Knight said...

Happy Anniversary. The rest of your menu sounds great.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I took our youth group to see Skillet a few months ago. It was AWESOME! Loud, but great. Are they coming with Thousand Food Krutch?

Your menu looks great!

Have a great week!
Amanda, Down Home Dieting

Bloggin' Mama said...

Oh, I love Skillet!! Have fun!

debhmom3 said...

Wow, congrats on sixteen years! That is wonderful! I'll be at home being wishing I was at the Skillet concert. :) It is so kind of you to give up your summers to help other teachers through eMINTS. Add that to all of Coreys stuff and wow, you've got one busy family! :) Thanks for taking the time to show us your awesome menus!

The Estrogen Files said...

Looks like a yummy week. I'm trolling for ideas... Ultimate BBQ Chix? Maybe?