Menu Plan Monday

The grocery money is getting low for this month, so this week I'm trying to use what we have around the house to make our meals. I don't have a lot in the freezer right now, so our meals might be a bit odd for June. For example, I did have a turkey in the freezer (I tend to buy a couple extras during holiday times when they are cheap), so we'll be having turkey dinner one night and lots of turkey sandwiches for lunches. I did make a new cake recipe this week that was delicious (thanks, Debbie!). For more menu ideas, check out Have a great week!
Sunday - out to eat (son at a friend's house)
Monday - Turkey dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans)
Tuesday - Manicotti with cheese, salad
Wednesday - Pork roast with gravy, rice, broccoli (used some of the roast I made the BBQ with last week)
Thursday - Voodoo Pasta, Peaches, Salad
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - on the road to NECC (friends staying at our homestead while we're gone)


Connie said...

Great looking menu!

I'm cooking from my pantry and freezer for the next two weeks too.

Jennifer said...

Sounds yummy! I like the idea of having turkey and the works in June - who says it only has to be a holiday meal?!
Have a blessed week.

Karin said...

Your photo and recipe for Voodoo Pasta have been on my mind since I found your blog a few days ago. Tonight, I gave it a whirl and I'm pleased to report that it was a hit.

Thanks for the dinner inspiration!