Menu Plan Monday

We survived our crazy week! Band camp is done, eMINTS training is done, fair performances are done, and the boy's Eagle Court of Honor is complete! Woo hoo! We really enjoyed having so many friends and family over to our house on Saturday for Corey's Eagle ceremony. We had about 60 people here, and it was definitely a challenge for me to get all of the food prepared during such a hectic week, but it all worked out great. Here are a few pictures that my brother, Kevin, took for me (thanks Kev!).

My menu this week probably won't be too exciting. I was hoping to get a bit more creative now that our schedule is a little lighter, but I have to admit that I'm pooped out. The boy requested turkey dinner this week, so we'll be eating that for a couple of days. We're also going to be eating some leftovers from the Eagle ceremony. Anyway, here's the menu. Sorry it's so full of leftovers. I do promise to post some new recipes soon. Check out some past week's archives for more more creative menus. Enjoy! For more menu ideas, go to

Sunday - Rotisserie chicken, salad, strawberries, pineapple
Monday - Leftover BBQ pork sandwiches, baked beans, salad
Tuesday - Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans
Wednesday - Leftover turkey dinner
Thursday - Spaghetti with turkey Italian sausage, Salad
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Eat at Eric's mom's house


Lisa said...

I know you're proud of your son. Having his Eagle will be such a benefit to him. My oldest is an Eagle Scout and when he joined the army, he went up a rank because of his Eagle. Congratulations to you both.

Yarni Gras! said...

After watching the American Pie movies I can't help but snicker whenever I see the words "Band and Camp" together.

Congrats on your Eagle Scout