What's for Dinner Menu Plan

What a wonderful weekend! No football game performances and no band contests! We actually got to spend some time together as a family, and it was wonderful. :) Today we ate our way across Silver Dollar City and had a blast. Our favorite treat was the spiral potato on a stick. Why is it that food on a stick is always more fun? :)

I participated in the Fall Flirty Apron Swap and finished my partner's apron package this week. It's always fun to make a surprise for someone - even someone you don't know! :)

I did some cooking for the week today. I made Bacon Cheese Pull Aparts for today's breakfast, and cooked 2 dozen Bacon Cheddar Muffins to eat during the week. I also made some Halloween Buddies for a fun treat. This week's menu is full of family favorite staples. I cooked pretty much everything ahead of time except for the things we are grilling. Here's the menu. For more menu ideas, go to orgjunkie.com. Enjoy and have a great week!

Sunday - Steak, Green Beans, Salad (didn't do on Saturday)
Monday - Sausage Potato Soup (made ahead), Salad
Tuesday - Creamy Chicken Breasts (made ahead), Rice, Green Beans
Wednesday - Chili Ranch Grilled Pork, Twiced Baked Potatoes (from freezer), Broccoli
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burgers, Steak Fries, Salad, Peaches
Saturday - Eat out (band contest)


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

We got that potato spiral on a stick for the first time at the State Fair this year, it was awesome! Great menu, thanks!

Liz said...

Cynthia,as always , a great menu this week! Hope you have a great week ~Liz

Unknown said...

The Potato Spiral looks fun.

Miranda | Mangoes and Chutney said...

Great week you have here, especially those burgers!

Tabby said...

I always enjoy reading your menu plans! Everything looks yummy!

Ask Ms Recipe said...

Looking for some good meal ideas. Happy Menu planning. Have a great week.

Nina (Author)