Blog Header Sadness

I recently shared this blog with my brother who is the director of marketing for the New York City Center. It entertained him greatly and reminded him of his midwest roots. Apparently people who live in New York City don't cook in bulk and store things in the freezer to eat later. I'm glad that I was able to amuse him. :-)

As a kind-of birthday present, he and some friends redesigned my header image, which I thought was very sweet. Here is what it supposed to look like. Isn't it cute? Wouldn't it be cuter if it were at the top of my blog as a header? I think so, too!

Today, I went to upload the new image, and to my utter frustration, stupid Blogger won't show the image. I had problems with this in my original version, so I actually created a practice blog to make sure the new image and template would work before I changed my real blog. The practice one worked perfectly, but of course my original blog did not. As you can see, I'm headerless (I feel so vulnerable!).

I asked my computer guru friend Mark and my brother to help me out, and I'm hoping one of them will save the day. All the CSS html code nonsense is way beyond my poor little brain's technical abilities. If anyone else out there knows of a way to bring my header to life, I'm open to suggestions. So for now, I'll just have experience a little "blog nakedness".


DeAnna Sheets said...

I really like the new header....hope you can get it up soon. :)

Shawnee said...

You DID it! It looks great on your blog.