Low Country Boil

A low country boil is a traditional southern recipe that is often served to large groups. Everything is cooked in a large pot, and then after draining the water, the contents are poured out onto a large table covered in newspaper. Everyone just helps themselves. It is a great meal to do in the summer. Since we are finally having some warmer temperatures, I thought this would be a fun recipe to do this week.


5-6 medium red potatoes, quartered (or use 10-12 whole smaller ones)
4-6 small ears of corn
1 lb cleaned, deveined shrimp with tails
2 links Cajun smoked sausage, sliced diagonally (I use my usual low fat smoked sausage)
2 Tbsp Old Bay seasoning
1/4 cup saltsoftened butter, sliced lemons, and cocktail sauce for serving


Begin by boiling 8 qts of water in a stock pot. Add the salt and Old Bay seasoning. Add potatoes and cook for about 10-12 min. Next, add the sausage and corn on the cob. Cook about 7 minutes and then add the shrimp. Boil another 3-5 min just until the shrimp are pink and heated through. Drain water and pour the contents of the pot onto a platter (or if you are going the traditional route - newspaper). Sprinkle with salt and pepper and additional Old Bay seasoning. Serve with lemon wedges, shrimp cocktail sauce and softened butter.

(recipe source - Sweet Savory Southern)


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