Menu Plan Monday

We had a pretty good week last week. I did switch Tuesday and Friday's menu because I forgot to buy manicotti noodles, and we ended up eating out on Friday because we got home late. We have had a lot of rain in our area the last two weeks, which has resulted in a lot of flooding. The corp of engineers ended up having to open five of the flood gates on Table Rock Dam, which is the first time they have done this in past 15 years. So, the boy and I took a side trip on the way home from school to go see dam. It was pretty amazing. I'll try to link to some photos as soon as I get them posted. The boy participated in the MCTM Regional Math contest on Saturday and placed 1st in 7th grade, which qualifies him to go to state in two weeks. Pretty cool stuff! Yes, I am a proud mom. Anyway, it was a nice week. We have the usual busy schedule this week with computer trainings, boy scouts, and church activities. I also have an author coming to visit my students on Thursday, which is pretty exciting. Even with the busy schedule, I've managed to sneak in some pretty good meals. I just had to do some pre-cooking today (made the manicotti and the meatballs). I hope you enjoy the menu. To see other menus, go to

Breakfast: Bacon Cheese Pull-Aparts
Dinner: BBQ Chicken, Green beans, Strawberries, Salad

Breakfast: Yogurt and grapefruit
Dinner: Eat at Training

Breakfast: Grilled ham and cheese
Dinner: Cheese Manicotti, Broccoli, Salad

Breakfast: Egg on Toast
Dinner: Meatball Sandwiches, Oranges, Green Beans

Breakfast: Sausage Cheese Muffins
Dinner: Linguini with Shrimp Fra Diavolo, Salad

Breakfast: Breakfast burritos
Dinner: Won Ton Tacos, Corn, Peaches

Breakfast: Pancakes
Dinner: Grilled Tilapia with Lemon Dijon Cream Sauce, Pasta, Brussels Sprouts


debhmom3 said...

Congrats to the youngest Matzat on going to state! That is definitely something to be proud of! Yummy menu too! Set an extra plate for me this week. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic menu! Looks like a very yummy week ahead. Happy MPM!

Michelle said...

it all sounds delicious.congratulations on the youngest member of the family:) have a great week..

Anonymous said...

You had me at bacon cheese pull aparts! I have tons of Grands biscuits I got free w/ coupons this week and cheese on a great sale too! Now all I need is some bacon..............hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Have a wonderful week,


Ash and Toby said...

I LOVE your site! I've made several things. We especially liked the won ton tacos. What a great change to the traditional taco shell!

Thanks for a great site!

Anonymous said...

Great site! Won ton tacos sound like a must try!

Have a great week!

mom_of2boys said...

The Won Ton tacos sound really good. We might have to give them a try.

Wifey said...

The bacon and cheese pull aparts look delish! I'm making those the next time I have to bring breakfast to Sunday School. Have a great week!

Nicole said...

Everything looks so good! :) I'll have to try the shrimp recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Adzele said...

Saturday sounds Yummy! I think I am going to try that.

Gretchen said...


I'm visiting from Laura's site. I'm going to try your grilled tilapia, and your bacon/cheese pull aparts this week. Thanks for posting such great ideas.