Menu Plan Monday

Winter weather hit us hard this week. On Monday, freezing rain began around 1:00, so they let us out of school early. Corey and I had a rather treacherous drive home (we slid sideways going down a hill on Hwy 65), but did make it home safely. There were lots of accidents along the way and we got stuck in traffic for a while because of an accident. Our normal 30 minute commute took just over an hour. Some of my colleagues who left school an hour later than I did took two hours to get home. No fun! We ended up getting about a 1/2 inch of ice, and inch of sleet and about 3 inches of snow in a 24 hour period. In southwest Missouri, that's a big deal. We ended up being out of school all week. I did not travel to the technology conference I was supposed to present at that week, which was kind of sad. But, better to be safe and at home to take care of my family. I got some extra cooking done, spent lots of time with Corey, and even sewed a new bag.

This week I have another conference to attend mid-week, so the boys will be eating some items out of the freezer. Thank heaven for make-ahead recipes. :) This afternoon we have some friends from Eric's work coming over to watch the Super Bowl. It should be a great week!

Here's this week's menu. For more menu ideas to go
Sunday - Super Bowl Party : Bacon Wrapped Cheesey Chicken, Beef and Bacon Pinwheels, Vegetable Tray, Fruit Tray, Brownies w/ ice cream
Monday - Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Peaches
Tuesday - Paprika Chicken w/ sour cream sauce, Rice, Brussels Sprouts
Wednesday - Manicotti with cheese (from freezer), Garlic Muffins(from freezer), Salad
Thursday - Chili (from freezer), PB Sandwiches


Bird Stalker Photography said...

Those panko crusted porkchops sound delcious!

Tammy said...

The bacon wrapped cheesy chicken looks awesome. I think I'll be putting that on my next menu! Thanks!