Garden Update

Well, I thought we might never get anything from our first attempt at a garden. First, we kept battling rain that washed away all of our green bean seeds. Then we had two hail storms that pounded our tomato and watermelon plants. Our latest challenge was an invasion of Japanese beetles - YUCK!!!! This first set of photos I took on June 26th. You'll see that we did get some good starts on some tomatoes, we got a few pea pods, and we even had one watermelon. The sad thing is that the watermelon just happened to be the exact same size and color as our dog's tennis ball...... Yes, she picked it and brought it to my husband, hoping for a game of fetch. Corey was not at all happy with her, as he was very proud of his first watermelon.

This next set of photos I took today so you could see our progress. I planted one zucchini plant, which is huge, but as of last week when we left for vacation, it had yet to show any signs of producing any zucchini. When we got back Friday, I found a wonderful surprise!

Now I need some ideas of what to do with these mutant zucchinis! If you have any great recipes to share, I sure could use some. :) I did grill some last night, and they were wonderful. My tomato plants have not been so great, which is a huge disappointment to me, as they are the whole reason I wanted a garden. They keep growing, but they have nasty brown spots on them that make them virtually inedible. Any of you master gardeners know what this is and how I can get rid of it? Our green bean plants are finally thriving and should give us some beans by the end of the week. Then I have to learn how to can - YIKES! (I'm very scared of pressure cookers.) Corey's watermelon patch is taking over and has many melons that he can't wait to eat. Nimbus the wonder dog has been banned from the garden area to help preserve his precious fruit. His pumkin plants are also doing well, and one even has a baby pumkin.

Well, that's the garden update for now. I appreciate any advice anyone has to share. :)


debhmom3 said...

Green beans freeze well. Just give them a quick blanch in boiling water and pack them in freezer bags. I'm afraid of pressure canners too. :)