Grandma's Pickle Roll-Ups

My mother-in-law always makes these appetizers when we have family get-togethers and we all fight over them. The first time I saw them, I thought they were weird, but they are now one of my favorites. :)


Claussen Kosher Dill Minis
Budding Ham or Beef (the really thin stuff)
Cream Cheese (I use fat-free)


Take two slices of meat and spread them with cream cheese (I whip mine to make it easy to spread). Take a pickle and place it on the cream chesse-covered meat, and wrap the meat around the pickle. Cut the pickle into slices. Eat and enjoy!


Casey Dawn said...

Those are so good, though I've always heard them called "frosted pickles." Same thing though!

Truth said...

I think my family would love these.

Phoebe @ GettingFreedom said...

These are my favorite things, ever! My mom always made thme for all my HS this day my friends request them for every get together we have. I haven't met very many people who have had these..but once they try them..they're hooked!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy these with gerkins instead of dills.

Stephanie said...

My mother-in-law calls them Frog Eyes. :)

Cindi said...

These are always good! I use regular garlic dill pickles when I make them. I now wish I had some to eat.