Recipe Party

My eMINTS teachers have been working very hard this week learning how to integrate technology and construstivist learning principles into their classrooms. We met at my house this week due to the school hallways being waxed. To celebrate our week of hard work, we had a recipe party during our lunch break today. Each teacher brought a favorite dish to share and we posted the recipes here so we would all have access to them. To find the recipes from our party, just click on the label titled "recipe party". Here are a few pictures of our luncheon. Thanks for sharing, Minties! It was fun. :)


debhmom3 said...

Thank you teachers! Yummy!

Shawnee said...

It looks like a feast! What a wonderful way to show hospitality by opening your home. The table was beautifully set and so welcoming.
PS: You looked adorable in your new 4th of July aprons!