Menu Plan Monday

This week was busy but fun. I helped my son work on his Eagle Scout project, which basically meant I was his chauffeur while he contacted businesses to support his project. My husband's family came to visit for an extended weekend, and we had a great time getting to spend time together. This week I'm back to work at the library, the boy goes to robotics camp, and the hubby does his normal work gig. :) Here's my menu for the week. For other menu ideas, visit
Sunday - leftovers from the family visit
Monday - Chicken soft tacos, Peaches
Tuesday - Chicken Fajita Salad
Wednesday - Kabobs on the grill, Salad, Strawberries
Thursday - Salisbury Steak (son request), mashed potatoes, green beans
Friday - Homemade pizza, salad
Saturday - Padre Island Shells, fruit salad


Anonymous said...

Salsberry Steak is something I know my husband would love! Great meal plan!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your menu planning. Thanks for the inspiration!...Hop on over and check my blog and menu planning sometime also! I've just started blogging and you were an inspiration to me. Thanks!


Liz said...

We love salisbury steak.I haven't prepared it in awhile.Perhaps next week.Great menu.

Elizabeth "mommychef"